Garden Planning Schaumburg

For those who want to have a beautiful garden there is no better time to start planning than Fall and Winter. There are several reasons for this, the ground is often more barren and leaves you with a better idea of where you can plant things. Because of how barren it is the colors are also gone, which means you are more likely to pick different options, and the last reason is because objects you would want to add are cheaper than they are in the spring or summer.

Garden Layout Schaumburg

With the flowers gone and leaves on most plants gone, you can get an idea of where you can place new plants and lay wires or hoses for next year. With wires and hoses putting those down in the winter allows you to do so easier than when plants are growing in the spring and summer, and gives a chance for the weather to naturally cause them to sink into the ground as well. This also gives you a chance to see where the surface of the ground goes allowing you to start and terrain shaping you wish to perform.

Garden Design Schaumburg

Often times when people look at their garden in the spring or summer, they will picture brightly colored flowers. While they still do that in the fall, when looking in the fall different ideas might pop into your head. People have different mindsets in the different seasons. It could be that planting some bushes or larger plants could come to mind such as tiger lillies. The fall is also a good time to plan out and place any additions to the garden such as statues or rock placement. When doing so in the summer it can often be limited because of plant placement.


The last part of the fall/winter design is cost. Because people are typically not buying gardening decorations or even plants in the fall, they are discounted if still offered. This is a perfect time to pick up statues, water features, trees and bushes, and other gardening products that will keep for a year or two minimum. These can often be purchased at a discount up to 80% in some places!

Gardening Help Schaumburg

The best way to make sure that your garden is ready for the spring thaw is to talk to professionals. Scaravalle Landscaping has been helping people in Schaumburg for years with their garden and landscaping needs. So if you need help with your Garden or Landscape call Scaravalle Landscaping and let the professionals do all the work while you enjoy the benefits.