Landscaping Palatine

Landscaping Palatine

When most people hear landscaping, they think flowers, trees, grass, and garden gnomes. Though there is more to landscaping than just that, landscaping also includes retaining walls, patios, and walkways. Scaravalle is a full-service landscaping company that can help you with all your landscaping needs and offers a broad range of products and services. From installing a new concrete or brick patio to maintaining a flower bed, you can rely on Scaravalle to get the job done.

Patios Palatine

Patios make outside spaces perfect for entertaining guests and can improve the look of your yard; The two main types of patios are concrete and brick. Concrete patios also come in two different types. There are concrete slab patios and concrete paver patios. Concrete slab patios are large concrete blocks. These have little appeal on their own but are very inexpensive to install. Concrete pavers are installed just like brick paver but have a lower cost per paver than brick. Concrete does offer the added benefit of more varied designs than brick patios. Concrete can be molded and shaped easier than brick and does not need to be fired to set, so concrete has little variation from paver to paver. Concrete is also easier to dye than brick, allowing concrete to come in a wide range of colors. Brick pavers have a distinct look and are more durable than concrete. Brick Paver patios give an area a more classic look that is hard or impossible to recreate with concrete. Most people think rectangular bricks when they hear brick pavers, but brick pavers can come in a multitude of designs but are often simple as they have to be fired in an oven to set. Scaravalle has expert staff that knows how to install concrete or brick patios. So if you are getting a new patio, make sure to call Scaravalle for your patio installationPalatine.

Retaining Wall Palatine

Retaining walls help to level out a slop in your landscaping to increase the usable space. Originally these walls were hidden as best as possible, but in recent years retaining walls were given a more aesthetic design making them more of an improvement on your landscaping than just increasing your usable yard space. There a wide range of materials used to create retaining walls, but the most common are stone and concrete. Wood has also been used to create retaining walls, but these do not have the strength to last years as stone and concrete. Wood does give a retaining wall a more natural look to it. Wood also has the added benefit of being more flexible than stone and concrete, allowing the wall to flex as the dirt settles instead of cracking. Stone retaining walls have a natural look similar to wood but have more durability. Stones are typically set with a mortar to keep the stones in place so that the settling dirt does not push the stones out of place. Concrete retaining walls are often used for their durability. Concrete retaining walls are either blocks or poured. With steel reinforcement rods to add flexibility to the concrete wall. Concrete blocks can be shaped to give the retaining wall a more aesthetic look to it.

Walkways Palatine

Walkways have always had one purpose at homes. To make the path between areas visible and easy to walk. Over the years there have been many styles, from dirt paths, to elaborate stone or brick. The right walkway for you can improve the appeal and value of your home. A walkway should coordinate with the area that it is going to, and come from. A Concrete walkway, similar to sidewalks, is a durable and inexpensive choice. The look of concrete matches concrete driveways and foundations, making it an excellent choice for simple homes. Pavers, brick or concrete, add a level of appeal that can look modern or classic. Pavers are more costly and harder to maintain but have more appeal and value to a home.

Landscapers Palatine

No matter what you decide for your patio, retaining wall, or walkway. Having a professional installer will ensure that your landscaping work will last. The Scaravalle family has been installing brick paver and concrete patios, retaining walls, and walkways for over 50 years. Over those years the techniques and equipment for concrete patio installation, brick patio installation, retaining wall installation, and walkway installation might have changed, but the Scaravalle strive for excellence has stayed true. So if you want a name your can trust to give you the quality and service you deserve, call Scaravalle and rely on the best landscapers Palatine.