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Owning a business or a home in a community you can a beautifully maintained lawn and landscape look is definitely attainable.  However, between running your business, or going to work, it is really hard to keep up with the look and all the upkeep that your landscaping requires.  This is where having a local landscape maintenance service near you can help. Whether it is tree trimming, mowing services, clean up and more a local landscape maintenance company in Kildeer, Illinois can keep your business and home looking amazing all throughout Spring to Fall. Scaravalle Company Inc. is the number one local landscaping business that businesses and multiple homeowners rely on to keep their lawns and better maintained.  We have multiple landscaping experts and the local equipment that is necessary to keep your lawn looking amazing. When you sign up with Scaravalle you are signing up with a service known for:

We are ready to help you maintain your landscape today!  If you have a business that can benefit from total landscape maintenance call Scaravalle Company Inc. today or fill out the form to the right.

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What Does a Full-Service Landscaping Maintenance Company Do?

One of the main questions we get when visiting a property is, “What does full service mean?”  This is because no company wants to deal with 6 different services for 6 different aspects of their landscaping. We do the work of multiple landscaping services and have them under one roof so you have one person and one point of contact that you can rely on to get things done for your business when you want it. Here are some of the things a full-service landscaping service in Kildeer, Illinois will help you out with:

Mulching Services:  Laying down mulch is as much a service that is important to your business as tree trimming or planting.  Ensure your mulch is laid out correctly and looks nice with a property maintenance service like Scaravalle Company Inc.

Mosquito Control:  One of the biggest problems with landscaping services is the weather.  This is also true for the number of pests and mosquitos that are plaguing your property.  Stem the tide and fight against this common threat to all of us with Scaravalle Company Inc.

Shrub and Tree Trimming: Tree trimming and shrub trimming worries are a thing of the past when you rely on Scaravalle Company Inc. Our crews will make sure that your trees are trimmed and trimmed PROPERLY!  Don’t rely on a service that doesn’t know the proper techniques of trimming trees. We have certified tree trimming specialists on staff to ensure proper tree trimming so they don’t kill your business’ tree.

Planting/Installation:  If you need new plantings and new installations of different things throughout the year, Scaravalle Company Inc. has you covered.  Our crews will install any new bushes, trees, shrubs, even concrete statues to make sure it is done properly.

Core Aeration:  Aeration makes sure that your lawns are well maintained and prevents them from dying sooner.

Seeding and Sod:  Living in Kildeer, Illinois we know that during the winter, snow and ice can freeze actually inside the lawn.  This leads to bare dirt spots, mud, and even people damaging your landscaping walking on it. Full-service landscaping maintenance services offer sod and seeding services to keep your lawn looking as green as possible.

Weekly Lawn Maintenance:  Mowing, trimming, edging and more.  Don’t let your business look like a jungle, employ a landscaping service to make sure it is always cut and looking nice.

Weed Control:  This is another facet of the business that you should rely on a property maintenance company for. Stop weeds before they start with Scaravalle.

Bed Maintenance and Cultivating:  Build beautiful floral arrangements that make your business park stand out against the others.  We will install and maintain them so they are always looking amazing.

Clean Up: Fall leaves, spring clippings, summer wind downing branches, none of these are a problem when you rely on Scaravalle. We will keep all of these off your lawn and ensure that it is always looking crisp and clean.

Landscape Maintenance Kildeer

When it comes to choosing a full-service landscaping maintenance service for your business in Kildeer is important to contrast and compare what that service will do for you.  What are some of the advantages of using a landscape maintenance service for your business? Relying on a full-service landscape maintenance company can provide your business with numerous benefits:


  1. Equipment Savings:  In order to maintain all the costs of your business’ landscaping you need to invest in the equipment, not this time.  Let another business take on the cost of equipment, storage, and upkeep while you make sure your business is safe and well maintained for your employees and customers.
  2. Easy and Reliable: Making your business’ landscape beautiful is no longer a headache!  You can rely on one business to make sure that your business park is clean and well maintained throughout the year. Let your property maintenance company worry about your landscaping while you do what you do best – run your business.
  3. End the Headaches: One team of trained landscaping professionals is all you need. Don’t have multiple companies control one aspect of the landscaping when you have one company for them all.  This ensures that one person and one contact will ensure your landscaping is completed and maintained when you need it.
  4. Safety/aesthetic: Hiring a full-service landscape maintenance company ensures that your trees are trimmed, bare spots are covered with sod, helps with pest control, which provides your employees and customers safe.  It also gives them a beautiful business to walk into. Studies have shown that when employees enjoy where they work they are more productive and call in sick less times.

Scaravalle Company Inc. has been providing these benefits and more to businesses around Kildeer, Illinois for over 20 years.  We have the trained maintenance crew and equipment you can rely on in order to ensure your business’ landscape is taken care of year after year!

Local Lawn Maintenance Service Kildeer

Whether you are a business, or whether you and your neighbors are looking to employ the service to save your backs and more, Scaravalle will help you out with all of these services and more! We are the number one service commercial property owners rely on in Kildeer, Illinois. If you are looking to see what Scaravalle can do for your home or business read more of our service articles below.

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