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Studies have shown that employees who enjoy coming into work are more productive, stay longer with the business, and are happier.  That is why it is important for any business to put its best foot forward and start with their exterior look before anyone even enters the building! Scaravalle Company Inc. can help!  We have been helping business in Arlington Heights, Illinois with their commercial concrete project for over 20 years! When you choose to work with Scaravalle Company Inc. you are not just choosing to work with the best commercial concrete service in the area but you are choosing to work with a business that boasts:

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    Commercial Concrete Arlington Heights

    The front of your building says a lot about your business. Your first impression as a business comes even before someone walks through your door.  Your concrete out front should look good and make your business stand out against other businesses in the area. You can achieve this very simply by having great looking concrete sidewalks, walkways, curbs, patios and more. Not only does good looking concrete attract customers into your building but it also can be safer for your employees and potential customers walking around your building.  Cracked, and uneven concrete can cause people to trip and fall. This can especially be a problem during the winters in Wheeling, Illinois when you can’t see the concrete underneath the snow. Scaravalle can help you fix all of these issues and more.

    However, what are some of the important commercial concrete services that your business should be aware of?  What makes commercial concrete different than your home concrete? It is important for our business to work with your business every step of the way so that you know exactly what we are doing.  We want to bring the same passion and excellence in customer service to you as well. Scaravalle Company Inc. is a FULL-SERVICE property maintenance company and that means informing your business as much as possible so you can make the best decisions for your business.  When you own a business in Wheeling, here are some of the commercial concrete aspects you should be aware of:

    ADA Ramps: Your building has to have one.  If it doesn’t we need to work together to change that.

    Sidewalks/Walkways:  Due to the brutal nature of our winters and the amount of foot traffic your business gets over your home, commercial sidewalks are poured with a different cement mix.  When you are installing commercial concrete or working with sidewalks it is important to frame everything first, so that you can plan the best way people will walk into your building. When you have a path laid out you want to make sure your concrete is as smooth as possible which will make it last longer and chip less.

    Employee/Customer Patios:  You can make your business stand out from the others in Arlington Heights, Illinois by installing or fixing up a little patio for people to escape to during the day.  Having one of these can go a long way to employee morale but also to give your customers a great experience so they keep returning.

    Parking Lots:  Commercial concrete parking lots will last longer, handle a heavy load, are easier to maintain than asphalt parking lots.  Your business will actually save more money as a business converting to a concrete parking lot than you will having to maintain an asphalt one.

    Curbs:  Your business needs to have curbs to protect itself from weather damage and flooding.  If you have broken, cracked, or uneven curbs in the front of your building let take a look together and fix it to prevent that damage.

    Commercial Concrete Service Arlington Heights

    As you can see there are a lot of elements to think about when it comes to commercial concrete services for your business.  We can help clear up the muddy waters of confusion. If you are looking for a local commercial concrete export call us today!  Remember we are FULL property maintenance so feel free to read more about the other great services that we offer for your business by reading the other helpful articles at the bottom.  Call us today and let us know how we can help you!

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