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Scaravalle can provide you with what you need! Scaravalle Company Inc. is the number one choice for your residential and commercial landscaping, concrete, paver brick, or commercial snow removal needs. We have been servicing Mount Prospect, Illinois, Northwest suburbs and the Chicago area for over 27 years! Our knowledge and experience will ensure that we will exceed your expectations. When you choose Scaravalle Company Inc. you are choosing:

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Whether you own a home or a business in Mount Prospect, Illinois Scaravalle Company Inc. is here for you.  Scaravalle isn’t just a landscaping company or just a concrete company, we are the premier full-service complete property maintenance company that has been serving Mount Prospect, Illinois for over 20 years! Whether it is hardscapes or landscapes we can help out all businesses and residents in the local area! 

What do you we mean we say complete property maintenance company? It means that whether you own a business or a home you can rely on us to create beautiful concrete walkways, pathways, patios, driveways, curbs, or you can trust our experience and knowledge maintaining your landscaping so that your exterior looks beautiful all the time. These are just a snapshot of what we can do for you, to delve deeper click on the links below to read more about the service you are inquiring about. 

 We know Mount Prospect, Illinois so well that we have built an entire area on our site dedicated to the resident and business owners in our community. We are a family owned and operated business that is local to the area.  These are just a snapshot of what we can do for you, to delve deeper click on the links below to read more about the service you are inquiring about. It is time to rely on excellence, time to rely on the quality, and time to rely on professionals you can trust with your exterior in Mount Prospect, Illinois.

Local Landscaping Maintenance Service Mount Prospect

You did it!  You made your dream lawn a reality!  Now it comes time to maintain that beautiful landscaping job for the future.  This is where Scaravalle Company Inc. comes in. Whether you are a residential homeowner in Mount Prospect, or operating a business, landscape maintenance is an important part to keeping your home or building’s exterior always looking amazing!  We specialize in landscape maintenance and can even create some custom concrete creations to perfect that escape oasis you have in your head. Aeration services, comprehensive sod and fertilizer programs, seasonal clean ups, tree care and trimming, bed maintenance programs, mulch and wood chip installation, cutting and mowing services, these are things regardless of where you live or buildings you own every landscape needs. If you are living in a home that has a tendency to flood then a retaining wall can help you stem the tide of that water.  If you are a business owner and you are looking to make sure that trees and branches are out of the way to create a safe walkway for employees and customers call Scaravalle. We want to make sure your hard work and hard-earned investment is protected over time with a lawn maintenance program in Mount Prospect.

Local Concrete Services Mount Prospect

We like to split our concrete services between residential properties and commercial businesses.  Each of these has their own requirements to work with. If you are a homeowner in Mount Prospect, Illinois we can help you with, driveways, patio installation, paver brick installation, retaining walls for your yard to protect you from the elements, and finally, custom walkways around your home.  Each of these services has their own special approach and Scaravalle Company Inc. has experience in Mount Prospect working on all of them. Our quality control and exacting standards are what separates us from other businesses in the area. You want to make sure your driveway lasts for years, not for seasons.  You want to ensure when you build your dream patio that it lasts for decades not just for a little while. We can make that a reality. If you are looking for a driveway, patio, custom walkways, and more contact us today or read more about our approach below.

For commercial businesses, we are the number one choice to make sure their concrete walkways, sidewalks, curbs, and parking lots set the standard for other business properties in the area.  Studies have shown that when your employees like the building and office space they are working in that they are happier, more productive, and last longer at the company. We understand business in Wheeling and want to help you with yours.  Contact us today and we can look at your sidewalks, curbs, loading docks, employee patios, ADA ramps, parking lots and more!

Commercial Snow Removal/ Commercial Deicing Services

We all know that living in Mount Prospect, Illinois can present its own challenges during the winter.  One day in December it can be 20 degrees the next 80 degrees. We also know that random snowstorms can come quickly and leave inches of snow in its wake.  This is when a local commercial snow removal service is great to work with. Our snow removal experts have the equipment you need to make sure your parking lot is cleared for your employees the next morning.  We have the crews and equipment ready to go at first flake. On top of that, this last year we have had ice storms and polar vortexes that can make water freeze instantly creating hazardous walking conditions for your employees and customers.  Our deicing services will ensure that your business sees no interruption during the harsh winters. Trust a local Mount Prospect service with your business and avoid opening yourself up to problems with the best deicing service in the area.

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We have just scratched the surface of what Scaravalle Company Inc. can do for your home or business. We have the local crews and technicians in the area to take care of all of these things for you with precision quality and exacting standards that has led to our numerous 5 star reviews on Google, Facebook, and more! We will ensure that whatever you need we will make sure you get the best.  If you need more information on any of our services, please feel free to read the articles below. If you are ready to work with us today, thank you! Call us, or email us and one of our local property maintenance specialists will contact you as soon as possible!


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Commercial Concrete Services Mount Prospect

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