Landscape Installation and Maintenance

Maintain your lawn and design new ideas with Scaravalle!

Full Landscape Services

Studies have shown that homes with better landscaping can sell for 25% more on the market and can sell faster.  That means that by having a unique landscaping design with a well-maintained lawn that your home or business is actually worth more than anyone else’s.  This is where Scaravalle can help. 

Our full range of landscaping maintenance services and installation services can transform your backyard into the paradise it was meant to me. You can escape to your dreams by just walking out the back-door.  We have flexible schedule maintenance plans available.  We also have expert landscape installation specialists that can take your ideas to the news level and can recommend the best plan for your home.  When you rely on Scaravalle you are relying on: 

Call us today and let’s start raising the value of your home and business and make you money! 


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Landscaping Maintenance and Installation

Scaravalle Company Inc provides complete landscape maintenance to residential and commercial properties throughout the Northwest Suburbs. We employ well-trained courteous professional crews with many years’ experience in the landscape industry. Our focus is to build and maintain customer relationships by providing uncompromised quality and achieving customer satisfaction.

Seasonal Clean Up

Fall and Spring clean up to start and end the year.

Bed Maintenance and Cultivating

Providing your beautiful flowers and gardens

Core Aeration

Get rid of grubs and give your lawn the aeration it needs

Mosquito Control

Enjoy your landscape design and backyard without worrying about getting eaten 

Hardwood Mulch

Premium hardwood mulch for your landscaping to give it pop and more 

Weekly Lawn Maintenance

Save time with the best maintenance plans 

Seeding and Sod

Cultivate your lawn and get rid of all bald spots

Comprehensive Weed Control

Get rid of all weeds and make sure they don’t return

commercial landscaping service

Shrub and Tree Trimming

Make sure your shrubs and trees grow with expert trimming services 

commercial landscaping service

Planting / Installation

Design and create your yard with landscaping installation services

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